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Please click on the thumbnails to get larger pictures, which are complimentary.

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image #4 golden buddha zen garden lanterns

meditation goods

Please click on the four pics(sutra #1-4) below, sample sounds can be heard.

sutra #1 han-nya shingyo
sutra #2 juryo honge (5:00) US$2
sutra #3 kan-non kyoge (5:38) US$2
sutra #4 amida kyo (15:13) US$2
sutra #5 han-nya shingyo pic
5121 x 3308 pixel in JPEG
sutra #6 han-nya shingyo pic
A4 size in PDF

If you place an order for sutra #1, 2 or 3, we will send you an email with the file attachement.
The file which will be sent electronically to you is WMA format, so there is no shipping charge.
If your email box doesn't accept a file-attached email, please lift the system to get the sound.

As for #5 and 6, please choose one of the two you would like better, which will be sent likewise.


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