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standard omamori

According to the shrine which supplies omamoris below, there are many ones available.

So we can ship within about 72 hours after you place an order. Every omamori has a strap.

The price for one omamori is US$11 and US$1 is needed for shipping and handling fee.

Please check "What's an omamori?" section for more information about omamori.

#1 omamori #2 yakuyoke #3 shiawase #4 anzan
#5 kotsu anzen #6 byoki heyu #7 choju #8 gakugyo

# size of omamori price
1 45x73mm US$11
2 45x75mm US$11
3 35x75mm US$11
4 45x75mm US$11
5 43x75mm US$11
6 45x75mm US$11
7 40x65mm US$11
8 35x70mm US$11

#5 and #7 has a vinyl transparent cover respectively.

Omamoris are subject to change without notice.

paypal PayPal is the solution for online payment.


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