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About how your omamoris are issued

A shrine is a holy place for Japanese people like a church, a mosque.
If you have something to petition, in Japan, you go there to pray.

The pic on the left is a shrine which supplies omamoris.
A shrine priest wears special attire called kimono, waits on visitors and
performs spiritual rites for them.

The pic on the left is a shrine priest and many omamoris surrounding him.
A shrine priest is also a person who performs rites such as a wedding
ceremony, a ground-breaking ceremony and sometimes funeral.

The pic shows he prays so that omamori holders' wishes can be realized.

Many other people visit a shrine because it functions as a place for
social interaction and a sightseeing spot for schoolers.

Shrine staffers sell omamori to visitors at an omamori store.
omamori For the people who visit a famous shrine as a trip, it provides various things
such as meals, rest rooms. Omamoris are also sold as their souvenirs.

Click on the pic, you can see many omamoris we treat.


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iwaki, fukushima JAPAN

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